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Jesus People USA (JPUSA) is an intentional Christian community

We have been living and serving together in the underserved Uptown neighborhood of Chicago for over four decades.


About Us

With over 150 members, JPUSA provides a unique and diverse environment in the heart of the city where we work, worship, and grow together. The close and frequent interactions in our daily lives give us many opportunities to extend compassion and grace to our neighbors. We invite people to engage creatively with Christ and each other through communal living.


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There are many short and long-term mission opportunities available within the JPUSA community. We welcome individuals, couples, and families to come and volunteer their time and gifts in exchange for room and board and a unique community experience.

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School, church or urban mission groups looking to participate in serving with us should go to our Group Missions site to schedule a short term immersive urban mission experience.



Internships are available for for 3–12 month periods; start and end anytime!

Some Details About Our Internships

  • Room and board will be provided but there is no stipend. If you have ongoing financial needs (loan payment, cell phone bill, etc.) you might consider raising support from your local church to cover these costs.
  • You will be sharing a room with one other single person (in some very rare cases, two).
  • We provide 3 meals a day in our community dining room served buffet style.
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Contact Us

920 W Wilson Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640

Front Desk: (773) 561-2450