There are many ways you can take part in the ministry of Jesus People USA. Whether it is through prayer (much appreciated!) or coming by to volunteer, just know it is because of so many people just like yourself that we continue to serve our neighbors in Uptown.

Ways you can help:

  • Pray
  • Volunteer (even a few hours a week!)
  • Consider coming to JPUSA for a missions vacation or just to visit

Areas in which we are in particular need of help:

  • carpentry
  • HVAC (Heating, Venting, AC repairs)
  • warehouse, forklift driver
  • driver for commercial vehicle
  • car mechanic
  • dietician or cookery skills
  • urban gardening

Some ways in which you can donate (not tax deductible):

  • cars and other vehicles
  • coats
  • sound board and mixer for new sanctuary at Wilson Abbey
  • computers (in good working order and preferably, because of how quickly technology changes, not more than five years old)