David Kirsten – 11/30/2014 – “Advent’s Meaning”

Dave Kirsten is offering our Advent series, of which this is the first Sunday.

Tina Herrin – 11/23/2014 – “Models of Prayer” (TGS 8)

Tina’s message continues our Toward God series by exploring biblical models of prayer… and maybe a few we’ve found on our own.

Neil Taylor – 11/16/14 – “Pondering the Word” (TGS 7)

Neil Taylor in our seventh in the Toward God series explores Lectio Divina, or “Pondering the Word.” Rich stuff!!!

Curt Mortimer – 11/9/14 – “Finding a Vantage Point” (TGS 6)

Curt takes us from a deer hunter’s tree stand to the Tower of Babel in part six of our Toward God series.

Deb Stahan – 11/2/14 – “Making Time” (TGS 5)

Could becoming “a spiritual super-hero” really begin with just making a little time? Deb offers story and reflection in this, part five, of our Toward God series.

Rebecca Hill (Jennifer Ingerson) – 10/26/14 – “Finding Silence” (TGS 4)

Rebecca Hill (via Jennifer Ingerson) suggests that finding God in silence is an undertaking requiring a brave heart.

Deb Baumgartner – 10/19/14 – “Spiritual Bouyancy” (TGS 3)

There’s nothing as fun as having a sermon illustrated with floating bowling balls. Take a swim with Deb into part 3 of our Toward God series.

Curt Mortimer – 10/12/14 – “Growth: Stronger or Weaker?” (TGS 2)

Curt Mortimer takes on part 2 of the JPUSA “Toward God” series with an exploration of prayer and its significance in Christian growth.

Neil Taylor – 10/5/14 – “Toward God” (TGS 1)

Neil Taylor begins the Jesus People USA series “Toward God” (based on the book by that name by Michael Casey).

Brian Weile – 9/28/14 – “Of Burning Bushes and Feet of Deer”

Visiting pastor Brian Weile takes us on an Old Testament journey with everyone from Moses to the Minor Prophets, searching for both burning bushes and the silence and lack of signs which perhaps is a sign of its own.

Rich Troche – 9/21/14 – “What Wages Am I Expecting?”

Re-examining Jesus’ parable of the laborers hired… why different times yet all the same wages?

Andrea Spicer – 9/14/14 – “Living Out Our Stories”

Beginning in the narrative of Joseph and his brothers, Andrea probes the interconnectedness of his story, his brothers’ story, and our story.

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