JPUSA 9/7/14 – Joel Williams – “Blind Man”

In the lengthy (for good reason) story of the blind man in John 9:1-41, we encounter a layered discussion of what both seeing and not seeing entail.

JPUSA 8/31/14 – Hannah Siemens – “Grace’s Invitation”

A story from Mark 10 where two of Jesus’ disciples argue over who will be first in the kingdom of God is transformed by Jesus, transformed in the most wonderful way…

JPUSA 8/17/14 – Tammy Perlmutter – “Getting Lost and Being Found”

Borrowing from the Old Testament narratives, Tammy Perlmutter wonders aloud about how we lose ourselves… and how we might be found again.

JPUSA 8/10/14 – Beth Nicholls – Babel vs Nineveh

Beth Nicholls dives into two very different Old Testament tales, and comes out with interesting connections.

JPUSA 8/3/14 – Heather Stahnke – “Our Fear, God’s Miracles, Our Job”

Jezebel didn’t like Elijah much, notes Heather Stahnke. And her threats drive the prophet to run in fear. What can that ancient tale tell us today?

JPUSA 7/27/14 – Max Cepero – “Into the Wilderness”

What Moses’ journey, leading Israel into the wilderness at God’s command, has to say to us now. Max Cepero, of the Evangelical Covenant Church in Anchorage, Alaska, hunts for clues.

JPUSA 7/20/14 – “The Absence of Joy” – Katherine Williams

Where is the joy? And why is joy so hard to hold onto?

JPUSA 7/13/14 – Brian Moss – “A Man’s Grief, A Woman’s Blood, A Touch”

A deeply felt, directly communicated perspective on two New Testament healing stories.

JPUSA 7/6/14 – Vic Williams – “One Woman’s Witness”

Tabitha (also called Dorcas) was raised from the dead by Jesus. She’s described as a beloved disciple… but why? Small, simple actions often have far-reaching consequences.

JPUSA 6/29/14 – Deb Strahan – “Confidence in the One Who Sees Me”

Deb Strahan faces off with the fear of future and reminds us Who is not only watching, but involved.

JPUSA 6/8/14 – Donn Engebretson – “Fatherhood vs Fear”

Donn Engebretson, Vice President Emeritus of the Evangelical Covenant Church, offered us the perfect Father’s Day message — one that dealt with both pain and gratitude and was charged with encouragement.

JPUSA 6/8/14 – Neil Taylor – “Pentecost and Ordinary Time”

Neil begins slowly, working from the Church Calendar to build a thoughtful message on the supernatural events of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit’s powerful purposes. A meaty message leaving one hungry for God.

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