campfire at Jesus People USA

Jesus People USA (JPUSA) is an intentional Christian community that has lived and worked in the underserved Uptown neighborhood of Chicago for four decades. Our members have joined together to engage creatively with Christ and each other through communal living.

Our mission is three-fold: engaging with Christ through communal living, equipping believers with a sustaining faith, and cultivating growth through service.

JPUSA is located in Uptown, Chicago, a neighborhood known for its diversity. Between up and coming restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and nightclubs, there are pockets of poverty. The homeless sleep on warehouse docks, in bus shelters, doorways, and tents. JPUSA has been here for going on four decades, establishing homeless shelters, feeding programs, housing refugees onsite, and meeting our neighbors’ needs.

Now more than ever we are excited to see what the next generation of JPUSA will reveal. If interested in setting up a visit, or contacting us to volunteer, go to VISIT US to explore the options. An excellent resource for those wishing to know more about community is the book Community and Growth by Jean Vanier.

The Meaning of Community

“Community means communion of heart and spirit; it is a network of relationships. This implies a response to the cry of our brothers and sisters, especially the poorest, the weakest, the most wounded and a sense of responsibility for them. And this is demanding and disturbing. That is why it is very easy to replace relationships and the demands they bring with laws, rules and administrative devices. It is easier to obey a law than it is to love people. This is why some communities are swallowed up by rules and administration instead of growing in gratitude, welcome and gift.”

Jean Vanier, Community and Growth

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